HELI Join forces among the top 500 Chinese brands in 2015!

Date:2015-09-10    Views:588



  August 28th, 2015, China's top 500 brands list released, which is China's brand value Research Institute of China's brand building, the future development potential and comprehensive market competitiveness of comprehensive, scientific, independent brand value development survey research and research. Through the 34 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), a total of 31 key brand, industries involved in food and beverage, textile and garment, medicine production, finance and it, furniture, building materials, real estate, cars and other 41 industries, data were collected in the study, based on the financial analysis, consumer behavior analysis and brand share rate analysis to determine the candidate brand, inviting 100 executives, academics and government officials were selected to be subject to the examination and approval of the qualification and in accordance with the requirements of the brand, and the part of the candidate brand field visit, 500 Chinese brand 500 units were selected from Lin.

  Surveys have shown that respondents generally believe that the challenges facing China's economic development, enterprise in sustainable development, environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction still faces arduous tasks, but the benefits to "along the way", "the Yangtze River economic belt and other major national strategy, the brand value of intangible assets still bucked the market trend, and achieved good results, ranked in the forefront of some brands have entered the camp of world-class brand.

  Force, as Anhui Forklift Group's well-known brands, was named "the first brand of China forklift market", 24 consecutive years won China forklift industry first. Joint efforts to adhere to the people-oriented, quality return to the community, the core values, for decades, to provide customers with quality products and services, to create greater value for customers. The joint force also has no suspense to continue to be listed in 2015, China's top 500 brands list, ranking 327th place. Together to create a first-class brand, into the world top five as the goal, to the scientific development as the theme, to accelerate the transformation of economic development mode as the main line, with independent innovation as the support, with a global strategic vision, the whole industry chain of efficient management and control, full cooperation and win-win, comprehensive enhance strategic competitiveness, determined to become China's industrial vehicle industry leader, the world's leading industry.