High back seat

Date:2015-09-10    Views:497

Product introduction:

1, the surface of the seat leather leather;
2, the back cushion and cushion sponge are made by vacuum foaming technology;
3, the seat forward can not be adjusted to the level of the level, can be adjusted to 8 degrees backward;
4, the seat back is not adjustable, forward adjustable 100mm;
5, installation size 230*285, installation bolt specification M8*20;
6, the seat of the head of the pillow, the head pillow can be adjusted according to customer demand, the height of the head pillow.
7, optional parts:
A, rails: one side or two side rails, and the rails can be adjusted from the horizontal position to the vertical direction.
B, safety belt: optional diffuse type of safety belt, retractable belt.


Product display: